Formwork rental


Purchasing formwork, its maintenance, storing and transporting require high expenses. 

Formwork for rental is an optimal solution for non-recurrent construction works. Major construction companies and individual clients are provided with a handy service of getting high-quality formwork from international manufacturers on lease.

Storing, maintenance and mending of steel formwork are covered by us. To agree upon the rental period and shipping address is your only concern.


No need to buy expensive equipment


We take care of technical condition and intactness of the equipment

Fast delivery

Our own truck fleet will deliver orders fast to your construction site

Problem-free rent

Unlimited rental period and easy renewal

You will find any equipment for projects of any difficulty and scale in our warehouses. Metal formwork excels at durability and longevity and is easy to use. We can provide you with a wide range of high-quality formwork from the best manufacturers. Every client is offered with a particular set of equipment considering special characteristics of your project. Through the years we have become experts in the construction area.

Quick cost calculation

Enter your phone number, our specialists will call you back and tell you the cost of rent.